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Through Planet Green - we aspire to create farming eco systems and living communities that:


Communities where Nature invites you to soak into its stellar scapes and architectural brilliance.


Collective Farming Communities that makes the members involve in nurturing farming and living environments


Natural farming produces and communities that impact the earth health and earthizens’ life style for better.

स्वस्तिप्रजाभ्यः परिपालयन्तां न्यायेन मार्गेण महीं महीशाः। गोब्राह्मणेभ्यः शुभमस्तु नित्यं लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु॥

May the well-being of all people be protected By the powerful and mighty leaders be with law and justice.

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

Our Communities and Initiatives

What our believers Say!

Planet Green team is working a clear purpose to bring a positive change to human lives and to the earth. All the best to them!

- Kiran Emmadi

Their focussed work on natural farming practices is applaudable.

-Ramesh Iyer

We purchased a plot in Farm Natura and that is one of the best investment of my life.

-Addada Raj Kumar

About Dates County

The perfect place to live a life you always wanted, Dates County Plotted Commune is designed for the people to raise a family, make friends, work build memories, thrill yourself with adventures and become a part of a community that completely brings a new way of lifestyle
Set amongst 450 acres of recreation areas, sports fields, natural creek reserves and stunning wetlands. Planet Green has been carefully designed to enrich the mind,body and soul.
Dates County is getting prepared to be an after-sought Tribe community with a scape that constitutes charming greens, a refreshing lake, rustic boulders, luscious natural food and mind-body soul-enriching activities.
Imagine building a weekend retreat home of your own in this celebrated land.

Sustainable Living with Shilpa Reddy

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Upasana Kamineni with Shilpa Reddy:

we are super thrilled to have Upasana Kamineni

Visual Stories of Planet Green

Will you be Part of a Greater Change?

Planet Green invites like minded individuals who are driven by sustainability to join our team. We are also inviting investors and collaborators to join hands with us.

Invest -or- Buy