planet green work culture
Working at Planet Green communities taught me:
  • How the nature helps us to maintain good health and eco-friendly environment.
  • How nature should be treated to maintain ecological balance.
  • How to grow food naturally
  • The Joy of Farm Living Bring back the ecological balance to keep earth healthy


Planet Green Communities are centered around Nature as a core emotion. We as a employees are learning the nature and life as a whole picture, while improving our health and happiness factors of our own lives.


planet green work culture
planet green work culture
Planet green and Farm natura are totally based on health and happiness, unlike the conventional real estate living which is prevailing around.
We learned how to live life what are we missing..are we having the right food ??.. How our futures are depended on farming (natural farming) to have right food.
In my journey with Planet Green, I have improved myself inside out, naturally connecting with people and nature around.